Monday, May 11, 2009


I always thought my last term
Would be slower than those before it.
Instead I have the opposite.
20 credits, 2 jobs, volunteering.

There are six weeks
And then I’m done.
I completed it in four years
That was my promise to myself.
Done in four.

I quit my job before the term started
I somehow managed to reacquire it a few weeks later.
I didn’t want it
And now I have three weeks left of my job
And three weeks after that to myself,
If they let me leave.

Six weeks left
Slightly singed,
Sleep deprived
Ready to be done.

My days,
Including my weekends
Consist of work, school and homework.

I had a day off a few weeks ago
I had no clue what to do.
What time I have off
And is available to have fun
I try to divide between
Time to myself an
Time for friends.

That never works
My friends have work and school as well
Two are even marrying each other on June 15th
I lost touch with some of my friends.
Not something I ever wanted to happen.

I started to wonder a while ago
Was it worth it?
I’m finished in four years,
What was supposed to be done in five.
But what have I lost to be complete by 21?
Did I lose some of the enjoyment of college?
I can’t tell
I know I would do the same thing again.
Maybe with only one job.

Having at least a day off completely each week
Then I might know what to do with a day off.
On the time I have to myself
Which is not the same as having a day to myself
I go out to eat, largely by myself
I watch a movie in theatres, again by myself.
I read to become submerged in another world.
I watch movies and TV to enjoy the visuals.
But I don’t normally get to sleep in.

When I graduate
I’ll only have one job.
What am I going to do with that time?

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